Akrindo Abadi is a company that operates in supplying automotive air conditioning spare parts across Indonesia. Our products include various kinds of automotive air conditioning spare parts such as Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator, Magnetic Clutch, Extra Fan, Hose, Air Disinfectant Spray and others. During the company’s early stage, we were distributors for varieties of the world renowned brands. Nonetheless, with the continuous growth and rising trends of the market, we manage to follow. With expansion and innovation, Akrindo Abadi today holds 3 in-house brands under its grip: Fujicool, Yaruki and Furugawa.

Our main value in creating our own brands is to constitute with the major expectations of the general public when purchasing products within our industry, which is quality. We strive to always generate all of our products with a high-quality standard in terms of performance no matter which in house brand the product falls under.